How do you evolve your Ikigai ?
In order to evolve your Ikigai you need to earn Ikiboost. You have several ways to earn Ikigboost :

  • By doing activities
  • by beeing regular in your activities
  • All efforts are counted : stars, steps and every heartbeat !
  • By connecting on the Ikigai widget every day
  • More ways, like achieving objectives will come…

How do you earn energy ?

By being regular in your activities.

Regularity is like the water that gives strength to an oath and so it is for an Ikigai…

How to know his "secret code" or his "user-id"

Every day, during the first connection, we will send you your “secret code” and your “user-id

Otherwise you can always go on your connect-IQ apps to get this information :

  1. Click on your device on the top of the screen
  2. Select your device (where Ikigai is installed)
  3. Click on “Activities, apps and more”
  4. Click on widget
  5. Click on the Ikigai widget
  6. Click on setting

=>Here you have :

A : the setting to change the auto-scroll to manual-scroll

B : your secret code – don’t show it to anyone. It will serve to change your name and access to your very own data

C : you user-id – it’s a public code that allow us to see where you are in the leaderboard